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C-46 Solar Contractor Easy Companion Guide
  C46 - 09 C46 Solar Exam Practice Questions
  C46 - 10 Description Appendix CD
  C46 - 11 Appendix CD Directory
  C46 - 13 Doc 02 OG300DOCUMENT 20090203
  C46 - 14 Doc 03 NABCEP Solar Thermal version
  C46 - 15 Doc 04 NABCEP PV version 4-2 april 2009
  C46 - 00 Introduction Solar Study Guide
  C46 - 01 Planning and Estimating
  C46 - 02 Solar Collector Installation_V3.pdf
  C46 - 03 Solar Thermal Installation
  C46 - 04 Solar PV Installation
  C46 - 05 Solar Service and Maintenance
  C46 - 06 Safety and CSO
  C46 - 07 C46 Solar Study Guide
  C46 - 08 C46 True-False Q&A
  C46 - 12 Doc 01 Guide to PV Design and Installation CEC
  C46 - 16 Doc 05 Section 1 Inserts V3
  C46 - 17 Doc 06 Section 2 Inserts V3
  C46 - 18 Doc 07 Section 3 Inserts V3
  C46 - 19 Doc 08 Section 4 Inserts V3
  C46 - 20 Doc 09 HiPerf Home Tech Solar Thermal and PV
  C46 - 21 Doc 10 02 Glossary C46
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C-46 Solar Contractor Easy Companion Guide is an online or downloadable study guide that brings together in one place the essential information needed to prepare you for the trade portion of the CA Contractors License Exams.

The technical review covers planning and estimating, solar collector installation, solar thermal installation, photovoltaic system installation, solar systems service and maintenance, and solar related safety.
Over 500 practice questions, multiple choice and true/false, in the guide break down the content of the exam by topic areas to help you schedule your review time to balance out strengths and weaknesses.
Partner this study guide with our Online Practice Exams and/or a live, instructor facilitated Trade Crash Course.

Visit www. or 800 303-4691 for details and enrollment information.
Complete copies of the Resource and Background Material documents are included as an appendix to your study guide. The state exam will reference many of the diagrams, formulas and charts contained in these documents.

A Guide to Photovoltaic (PV) System Design and Installation, Consultant Report #500-01-020, California Energy Commission

SRCC Document OG-300, Solar Rating & Certification Corporation, Operating Guidelines and Minimum Standards for Certifying Solar Water Heating Systems, June 2008

Study Guide for Solar Water and Pool Heating System Installers, Version 1.1, June 2006, North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (

Study Guide for Photovoltaic System Installers, Version 4.2, April 2009, North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (

High-Performance Home Technologies: Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Systems, US Department of Energy

Swimming Pool Solar Heating Systems Installation Manual for Aquatherm Industries Solar Collectors (used for illustration purposes only; use of this manual is not a recommendation or endorsement)

Photovoltaic Power Systems and the 2005 National Electrical Code: Suggested Practices, Jhn Wiles, Southwest Technology Development Institute, New Mexico State University, November 2008

Inspector Guidelines for PV Systems, Brooks Engineering, March 2006

Glossary of C46 Related Terms is an extensive review of solar contracting related terms and concepts

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