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C-16 Fire Protection Easy Companion Guide
  C16 Fire Protection
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The C-16 Fire Protection Contractor Easy Companion Guide is an online home study guide that you can either download once or access from your home computer through the CSLS website. This study guide brings together the essential information needed to prepare you for the trade portion of the CA Contractors License Exam. The practice questions in the guide break down the content of the exam by topic areas to help you schedule your review time to balance out strengths and weaknesses. Included in the study guide are:CSLB C16 Exam Study Guide,Review of Fire Protection Terms, Definitions Abbreviations and Symbols,Fire Sprinkler Systems, Materials and Water Sources,Types of Fire Suppression Systems,Types of Fire Detection Systems, Summaries of NFPA 13, NFPA 14, NFPA 24,Plan Symbols, Review of Water and Water Properties. Over 50 Exam Practice Questions (NFPA Code Related)and Construction Safety Orders Note: Our program prepares experienced workers for the CA Contractors License Exam. Only those individuals who currently meet the required years of on-the-job trade experience for the CA Contractors License Exam should participate in this program. This program is not a replacement for technical training or apprenticeship programs.

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